Firebird Coast Guard

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Firebird Coast Guard Rules 

1) Players must not use profanity.

2) Players may not fool around on our server.

3) Players do not need to have a mic to play with Firebird-Air (they can do atc in the chatbox).

4) Players may not do anything behind Great-Firebird if he is afk.

5) Random Players who are atc may not have admin commands since Great-Firebird can't risk innocent people being banned without noticing.

6) All bans of players must be reported to Great-firebird via message ASAP.

7) Players must contact ground before moving OR Players must contact tower when transitioning active tower's airspace. OR KICKED!

8 ) No one is ever allowed to give someone elses email to anyone without the permission of the player that the email belongs to.

9) Admins should never argue or fight with each other.

10) NEVER ABUSE YOUR ADMIN RIGHTS! (For Example: I'm admin I don't have to listen to tower.)

11) No players (includes Member, Mods and Admins) should beg for a certain role or rank in the group whether its for the VA, the Firebird Air Force or for certain positions on the website. Roles and Ranks are earned in a variety of ways, one of which ISN'T asking.

All players must respect this policy!


Firbird Staff